AMBC Fall Festival 2012

Bikes n Beers made hit the 3rd annual AMBC Fall Festival.  AMBC (Appalachian Mountain Bike Club) is a Knoxville based chapter of the South East regional division of IMBA.  According to the AMBC website, their mission revolves around conservation of open spaces, mountain bike rider education, and protection of the natural environment and experience for other trail users.  Now I’m not sure about all that since my normal modus operandi on the trails involves breakneck downhill speeds with my hair on fire doing kick-outs over small woodland creatures screaming YEEE HAAAAAW.  But I will say this; the AMBC puts on a kick-ass fall festival for the third year in a row.

The festival started in the early afternoon with 3 different guided rides, a 30 mile ride that highlights the entire trail system they are building/maintaining in south Knoxville, a 16 mile ride,  and finally a 5 mile ride for the beginners.  In the interest of preserving our drinking time we decided not to ride any of them.

New Belgium beer had plenty of their tasty suds on hand.  We also brought some of our own stuff, a traditional Scottish Ale we call Skelping Bahookie (that’s Scottish for Ass Slapper).  Note the ass slapping taking place in the video.

Next up was some spectator friendly short track racing; the format was a 4-lap 1 mile loop and while the racers were surely burning their lungs and having a great time, I believe the spectators had even more fun harassing, I mean cheering on the riders.  Following the short track races the party really began to ramp up.  The night time festivities began with some outstanding food provided buffet style and included lots of carb rich foods that hit the spot after a day of riding and drinking.  The bonfires were lit and people began settling in for some great bands, a blind auction, and lots of great raffle prizes.

We are looking forward to returning next year.