AMBC Fall Festival 2012

Bikes n Beers made hit the 3rd annual AMBC Fall Festival.  AMBC (Appalachian Mountain Bike Club) is a Knoxville based chapter of the South East regional division of IMBA.  According to the AMBC website, their mission revolves around conservation of open spaces, mountain bike rider education, and protection of the natural environment and experience for other trail users.  Now I’m not sure about all that since my normal modus operandi on the trails involves breakneck downhill speeds with my hair on fire doing kick-outs over small woodland creatures screaming YEEE HAAAAAW.  But I will say this; the AMBC puts on a kick-ass fall festival for the third year in a row.

The festival started in the early afternoon with 3 different guided rides, a 30 mile ride that highlights the entire trail system they are building/maintaining in south Knoxville, a 16 mile ride,  and finally a 5 mile ride for the beginners.  In the interest of preserving our drinking time we decided not to ride any of them.

New Belgium beer had plenty of their tasty suds on hand.  We also brought some of our own stuff, a traditional Scottish Ale we call Skelping Bahookie (that’s Scottish for Ass Slapper).  Note the ass slapping taking place in the video.

Next up was some spectator friendly short track racing; the format was a 4-lap 1 mile loop and while the racers were surely burning their lungs and having a great time, I believe the spectators had even more fun harassing, I mean cheering on the riders.  Following the short track races the party really began to ramp up.  The night time festivities began with some outstanding food provided buffet style and included lots of carb rich foods that hit the spot after a day of riding and drinking.  The bonfires were lit and people began settling in for some great bands, a blind auction, and lots of great raffle prizes.

We are looking forward to returning next year.

Did somebody say……Cable Cam?

We spent the day at Noris on some very boring trail.  Today’s ride was more about the new toy we got to play with and less about how fun the trail was. Today Bikes N Beers gave our new cable cam a test drive.  Special thanks are owed to David Green for sharing his design with us.  We can’t wait until he comes out with the powered version. Hurry up Dave…will beer help????.

Eight Months

Eight months ago our good friend and partner decided she needed to make a change.  This mother decided she wanted to become a MOUNTAIN BIKER.  The last time she had really ridden a bike was when she was a little girl.  This simple video is a testament to her will to succeed and her transformation from Mom to Mountain Bike Moma.  Hats off to Bikes n Beers own…..Princess Crash!

Why did she toss the damn thing in the ocean????

You may have noticed the posts to the blog have been fewer than normal lately.  Bikesnbeers is in the middle of putting together a video for AMBC in support of New Belgium’s video contest called Clips of Faith.   This video will highlight local bike dealers, places to wet your whistle , some of Dirty South single track and some of the riders you may see on the trails.  In the mean time we took a moment to recreate a tragic moment in history, a great movie, and place to stop on the way to Gatlinburg.  Enjoy our high priced blockbuster recreation of the Titanic!

The Smoky Mountain Highland Games Video – Day One

Bikes N Beers hits the Smoky Mountain Highland Games for the first time.  What a fun event.  This place was full of skirts (kilts with underpants), beers, sheep, cows, dogs, dancing ladies, and eggs covered with sausage.  What more could you ask for? Enjoy this video from day one.  Stay tuned for day two where we all compete in the highland games.


Smoky Mountain Highland Games – Training Day

Throwing a big F-ing rock.
WeeMan can handle his package!
Notoriious has WOOD!

Yes….what the hell.  We are going to suck but after this weekend’s training we will suck less.  Well WeeMan is still going to really suck (suck it WeeMan).  Suck at what you say?  We are going to suck at the 2012 Smoky Mountain Highland Games.

The Games are located in Maryville, TN at Maryville College and are centered around a field of athletic competition which includes the well know “Caber Toss”. All in all there are 9 different highland athletic events.  Really crappy examples of most of these can be seen in our training day video.  There is also competition of Pipe & Drum Bands, individual Pipers and Drummers. Lassies and Laddies compete in the Highland Dance as well.  The Bikes N Beers clan will be there and I am sure you will see us bust out in a jig or two.

Entertainment includes Country Dancing, a Dog Show, and Clan Competitions that can get pretty intense, not to mention several incredible Stage Performing Bands, Balladeers, a Comedian and Kid’s Playground & athletic competitions. Of course, there has to be ‘Education’, even if it is learning about the different types of Scotch. Can we help it if you have to take a wee sip?

The word ‘Clan’ means family. Many Clans have very extended family ties that are known as Septs. Septs are either what we know today as in-laws or are non-related families that lived under the protection of the Clan Chief. Each Clan has a tartan with a plaid that is designed for a particular Clan. If you belong to that Clan, then you may wear their tartan.  We looked all over for the clan tartan for Bikes N Beers and could not find one but not the less we will all have kilts with tartans of our own choosing.  Except WeeMan….we made sure his kilt was extra long too…even though he is kind of short his junk isnt.

Clan Tents are set up around the main field where the families of each Clan gather to watch the competition. If you find your family name at one of these tents, there will be someone there to welcome you and tell you about your family history as it relates to the Clan.  That’s not going to happen at the Bikes N Beers tent though.

The event kicks off on Friday May 18th with a parade and concert starting at 6:30 and runs all the way through Sunday.  The Bikes N Beers Clan hopes to see you there

Some days you just feel UNSTOPPABLE

Here is another wreck from our trip to Snowshoe Mt. WV.  This is one of the expert runs (some letter of the alphabet) going down the basin.  Zack was feeling particularly good that day.  I think it was because he had a good breakfast.  He had just wowed us with some excellent drops in the drop park.  His best drop was about 14 feet.  We came to this jump/drop and Zack did everything just right once again, except the part where he hit the tree.  Don’t worry he was riding a rental.  Enjoy!

Doom on You

As the morning fog settled in the small race valley, and the dew clung on various awnings; I smelled coffee and the anxiousness of a serious challenge brewing.  So I put on my War Face and headed to the check-in, to begin the most physically challenging 5K I have experienced here in the South.

This is the fourth time BikesnBeers has competed in this race, and the second time we have been a sponsor.  That meant at least one of us has run it every single time, and that one would be me.  You would think that I would get bored doing the same race over and over, but the event organizer, Outdoor In the Smokies, does an excellent job of continually adding to the event and changing up the course.  One year they started you out going through the water, another had you go up the 100’ rope climb twice; you never know quite what you have in store when you sign up to race.  This time the race added a second rope climb located near the top of Cardiac Hill and added some new features to the obstacle course.  This year’s event also provided concessions (homemade BBQ), beer to runners of age, and a band to complete the Smokey Mountain experience.

As part of the Sin City Geezers race team, my 10 year old son joined me to experience the pain; and after this race he now knows what it feels like to be a Geezer, even at his young age.  He had run some cross country prior to this in school events, but nothing that required the vertical demands this race put on him.  And that is part of what makes this race unique.  Typical cross country runners are not used to the steep climbs and scrambles up and down hillsides involved in this race, and like my son, they were in for a whole new kind of challenge.  It was also nice to experience the race again through the eyes of someone who has never done it, and doesn’t know what the next bend has in store.  That continual look and mutterings of “Are you kidding me” and “I hate this race”  and “When will this climb end” reminded me of my first time at this.  And even though we completed the race in the bottom half of the standings, we both ultimately had a great time, all mutterings aside.

For anyone looking to test themselves in the future this race will definitely do that, but keep in mind that the race sold out about 3 weeks before the event, so register early.

Washing (out on) the Table Top.

Every table top needs a good wash now and again.  That’s what I am doing.  Washing (out on) the table top.  If you enjoy going downhill I highly recommend Snowshoe, WV.  They open their doors to downhill mountain biking in mid June each year.  The accommodations are stupendous, the trails even better.  This is one of the sweet runs you can find there.  We hit this particular table top man times.  This wasn’t one of my best.     Here is a link to a video we put together on our trip to the park last summer.  Enjoy the crash of the week featuring me below!