Welcome to our Events page

Here is a listing of events you can find us in the next few months as well as a list of where you may have seen us at some past events.  BeechFeel free to come out and join us, support our race team, or just stop by to let us know what you think of the website.  Who knows, we may even have some good Geezer Brewery beer to share.  Also remember to look on our main page for pictures, videos, and blogs of our most recent experiences.

Upcoming Events:

Haw Ridge Rides (Most Wednesdays) – You can usually find us sharing a group ride every Wednesday night around 5:30 PM at the Haw Ridge Bike Trails.  This is located just outside of Oak Ridge, TN along Edgemore Road.  We are always glad to have more people join us. Below is a list if our upcoming events for 2014. Click on the links for more details.


Knoxville Track Club Treadin’ Trodden Trails Series – A trail run every month at different Knox area trails.  Click the link for details.

Navy Seal Challenge Spring – 4/5 Cosby, TN

The Ocho Mountain Bike Race – 4/12 Panther Creek

Ft. Yargo Mountain Bike Race – 5/3 Winder, GA

Mudder’s Day Madness – 5/10 Maryville, TN

Smoky Mountain Highland Games – 5/16-5/18 Maryville, TN

Knoxville Brew Fest – 6/28 Knoxville

5 Alarm Challenge – 9/20, Cosby, TN

THe Sin City Geezers ROCK!

Brewers Jam – 10/11 Knoxville

Hill of Truth Mountain Bike Race – 10/25 Oak Ridge

AMBC Fall Festival – 11/1 Knoxville TN

Seal Challenge Night Ops – 11/7 Cosby, TN

Events Gone By:

5 Alarm Challenge – 9/14 Cosby, TN

Marine Mud Run – 9/21 Knoxville,TN


Seal Challenge Night Ops – 10/12 Cosby, TN

Brewers Jam – 10/12 Knoxville, TN

Hill of Truth – 10/26 Oak Ridge, TN

AMBC Fall Festival – 11/2 Knoxville TN

Snowshoe Downhill Extravaganza – 6/27 – 7/1 Snowshoe, WV

Smoky Mtn Highland Games – 5/18 Maryville, TN

Mudders Day Madness – 5/11 Maryville, TN

Navy Seal Challenge Spring – 4/6 Cosby, TN544718_342154505850967_1483864378_n_edited-1

Spartan Sprint – 3/9 Conyers, GA

12 hr Hill of Truth Haw Ridge (10/27/12)  

Navy Seal Extreme Challenge (10/13/12)

Clips of Faith (10/14/12)

Brewers Jam (10/6/12)

Marine Mud Run (9/22/12)

Knoxville Brewfest (6/23/12)

Jason1Tour de Cure (6/9/12)

Smoky Mountain Highland Games (5/18/12)

Navy Seal Extreme Challenge (4/7/12)

Fear the Reaper (3/24/12)

Catch the Leprechaun 5K (3/17/12)

Run for Your Lives (3/3/12)

12 Hours of Hill of Truth Haw Ridge (10/29/11)

Brewers Jam (10/22/2011)

Navy Seal Extreme Off-Road Challenge (10/1/11)526681_429593823773701_1665454243_n

Warrior Dash Tennessee (9/17/11)

Marine Mud Run  (9/10/11)

Chain Buster 9/6 Hour Mountain Bike Race Tribble Mill  (8/27/11)

Knoxville Brewfest (6/25/11)

Warrior Dash Georgia (5/15/11)

Chainbuster 9/6 Hour Mountain Bike Race Ft. Yargo (5/7/11)