Failin’ Means Yer Playin’

Nototious and weight for height

Nototious over the bar

Why not? The Bikes N Beers clan had so much fun at our first ever Highland Games last year why not do it again?  This year we know a little better what to expect and have actually practiced a little (very little) thanks to Dave “Butterbean” Summers.  But it’s not just about competing it’s about spending time outdoors, stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons. Wow, I sound philosophical…Ever wonder exactly what a “Gathering of the Scottish Clans” is all about?  It is one great big family reunion with lots of excitement, entertainment, and beer.

Throttle throws a big rock

Throttle throws a big rock

The word ‘Clan’ means family. Each Clan has a tartan with a plaid that is designed for a particular Clan. If you belong to that Clan, then you may wear their tartan. Clan Tents are set up around the main field where the families of each Clan gather to watch the competition.  If you find your family name at one of these tents, there will be someone there to welcome you and tell you about your family history as it relates to the Clan.

True that none of the BNB Clan have very much Scottish blood but we feel like family and that’s close enough. We have adopted 2 tartans to represent what is important to us…the Marine tartan in honor of Notorious’ step-son who just returned from Afghanistan and the firefighter tartan to honor the dangerous work firefighters do everyday and Throttle’s past experience fighting fires in the west.

WeeMan and the caber

WeeMan and the caber

The Games are centered around a field of athletic competition which includes the well known “Caber Toss”.  There is also competition of Pipe & Drum Bands, individual Pipers and Drummers.  Lassies and Laddies compete in the Highland Dance as well.

Entertainment includes Country Dancing, a Dog Show, and Clan Competitions that can get pretty intense, not to mention several incredible Stage Performing Bands, Balladeers, a Comedian and Kid’s Playground & athletic competitions.  Of course, there has to be ‘Education’, even if it is learning about the different types of Scotch. Can we help it if you have to take a wee sip?

Crash chillin' in the beer tent

Crash chillin’ in the beer tent

Whether or not your ancestors hailed from the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Islands, the badlands, or any lands…come out and join us at the games May 18 and 19. Here is a video of the BNB guys competing last year…and remember, if yer failin’ then yer playin and playin’ is what it’s all about. Here’s tae ye!