From Lucid to Raging Bull

groupThe downhill bikes were tuned up (thanks to TVB) and the protective gear was packed. On July 18 three BNB Geezers and one GIT (Geezer in Training) headed out for Snowshoe, West Virginia for some sweet downhill mountain biking action.  After 6 hours of driving and a mandatory Waffle House stop we were there but alas the runs were closed for the day so we had to wait for the mountain but that didn’t stop us from a few bike antics in the parking garage and around the Village.

noto wall

Notorious spanks the wall

Come Friday morning we were chomping at the bit to get started.  Crash, not having been DHing before, took class to get familiar with how it all works while Notorious, Throttle and Zark scoped the trails. Meeting back up for a burger and a beer we four were ready to hit the trails…Wow! What a ride! Berms, drops, rock gardens, bridges, teeter totters the WORKS! This place is a playground for MTBers and has almost everything. Best of all, the entire park is serviced by two high-speed quad lifts, so we never had to pedal back up the mountain. We mostly ran the Lucid to Raging Bull trek because we became addicted to the “big blue wall” which makes the one at Concord seem like stack of popsicle sticks.

Zark teeters on the totter

Zark teeters on the totter

Unfortunately rain was a reoccurring challenge for the whole weekend but if the lifts were open, we were riding. The foul weather kept the riders away and we basically had the muddy, snack pack, bliss to ourselves.  A ranger did run us off the trails due to bad weather and we got stuck at the bottom waiting for the shuttle…waiting….waiting…two hours.  Good thing we had some beers and cameras to occupy ourselves.

Throttle in the air

Throttle in the air

Now we know first-hand why the Snowshoe Bike Park is nationally recognized as one of the best in the U.S.  With nearly 40 trails and 1,500 vertical feet of descent, the park has something to offer everyone and is a screaming good time. Additions are planned for this season and include a new family and beginner trail that is scheduled to open late this summer. An intermediate jump trail will also be constructed during the 2013 season and will be chock full of big flowy tables and monster berms. Can’t wait to get back and try that jump trail.



The Geezers have decided to go back every year…at least once…maybe twice…maybe more. “Hey, Throttle…How much vacation time do you have?”

As always a video of our adventure is in production and will be up soon…stay tuned to witness the awesomeness of Snowshoe. In the meantime check out the rest of our pics on our facebook page here.