Geezers Brewery

The BikesNBeers crew has been brewing craft beer as Geezers Brewery since 2010.  We regularly provide suds to the events we sponsor and the brews have been well received.  The Geezer Brewery recently doubled our brew capacity with the purchase of a new brewmaster system and conical fermentors.  We currently brew one day a month, rotating through our most popular recipes, Big Dumb Blonde, Kassassinator (Irish Red), Belgium Tripel Threat, Bitch Puddin’ and Pale Bastard.  Notorious has responsibility for the care and feeding of the system between brews and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have to admit that the new system has exceeded our expectations by increasing our efficiencies, alcohol content, clarity and all-around quality of product.  Come to one of our sponsored events and try our brews (see our events page).  We always need tasters to provide unbiased feedback to help us a get better tasting product.

The improved Geezers Brewery


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