Eight Months

Eight months ago our good friend and partner decided she needed to make a change.  This mother decided she wanted to become a MOUNTAIN BIKER.  The last time she had really ridden a bike was when she was a little girl.  This simple video is a testament to her will to succeed and her transformation from Mom to Mountain Bike Moma.  Hats off to Bikes n Beers own…..Princess Crash!

Sometimes You Have to Face the Truth…

The Sin City Geezers ROCK!

Bikes N Beer attended the 14th Annual 12 hours of the Hill of Truth race at Haw Ridge Park.  This year we were back to a 4-person Sin City Geezer team that included Notorious, Throttle, Throttle’s son Zack and indoctrinating Crash in her first MTB event. WeeMan was MIA, or rather MOE, being at the MOE concert in Nashville.

Throttle hanging the “eye in the sky”

This year’s turnout was better than last year and about 175 racers participated. Nototrious and Throttle hit the trails early dispensing cameras along the way so that BNB could get new perspectives on the event that we have not had before (check out the video).

The race course was not overly difficult and included the new Greenway, West Shore, Lake, I, Red Shore, Powerline, Silo, of course, the Hill of Truth and ended with butt slapping thrash down Kaboom (Sweeeeeet).  This last bit would have been especially loved by Christopher Walken as the clanging of cow bell serenaded the racers as they fought for the finish line.  An unanticipated challenge came from the rising water that continued to advance throughout the day.  This caused mucho mayhem, from washouts on the cement bag trail (we saw all you people fall down on our hidden cam) to wet cold stinky feet!

Notorious and Zack at the Start/Finish

The disco ball didn’t make it to the hill this year. But who really gives a shit, after climbing the hill of truth do you want oxygen or a disco ball?  Instead it was hung over the start finish line for all to enjoy. Kids races were held on the infield through out the day and the Huffy toss for distance made us all look stupid, well only the ones who sucked at throwing it.  There was tasty barbque and a bon fire where the Huffy was, once again sacrificed to the Mountain Bike god (should we burn Luke instead next year?).

We Geezers broke out the trail lights around 7 PM as Throttle finished our team’s last lap.  Yeah, we know the race goes until 11 but we had worked up quite a thirst by this point and were ready to rehydrate.

Crash on Lap 1

In all the Sin City Geezers finished 6 laps with Crash having the slowest team time (although she didn’t crash) and Zack the fastest. We didn’t win but we did have a great time and will definitely be back next year.  See you next year.  We are going for 7 laps….or maybe 5.





SEALs, Tadpoles, Bullfrogs and Spanish Moss.

Participants Pre-race. Pay no attention to the goof ball in pink…

On October 13th 2012 Outdoors in the Smokies once again presented the SEAL Extreme Challenge and about 175 SEAL wannabes took on the latest course designed by owner Dan Schreder. Dan (ex Navy SEAL and total masochist) certainly outdid himself this time producing what is the most challenging trail yet (puke factor = 10).  The trek was almost 4 miles long and, true to the Seal name, presented gut wrenching, character testing, pain inducing fun. Participants are told during registration that this event will test them mentally and physically like never before and runners said that it held true to its claims.  Don’t show up here and expect to be pampered. No drink stations are provided; real life SEALs don’t get breaks or little pansy paper cups of cool water.

Down Mulch Hill…

The race started with a dash up ATV Hill, a slope so steep that you need 4 points of contact to make the climb.  Once you make it to the top and after a short jog on the ridge you are ready for a decent that puts you sliding on your butt down mulch hill and hoping that you don’t go a$$ over teakettle to the bottom.  About a half mile in you start the ascent up Heart Attack Ridge, a climb that rises 600 feet over one third of a mile.  This part of the course gave many the opportunity to taste breakfast, once again, before surrendering it to the side of the trail as fertilizer.  In all there is over 1500 feet of elevation change, but hills are not the only obstacles to be endured.  There are water crossings, rope climbs, balance beams, and hurdles.

Completion times vary from 45 minutes to 3 hours. For many it is not about how fast you finish but that you finish at all. Awards are given in the fastest men, women and team categories as well as youngest competitor (tadpole) and “most experienced” racer (bullfrog). Regardless of finish time all racers finish with pride in their accomplishment and a boost of self confidence.

Navy Seal Dan with Crash and Throttle

The people and the atmosphere are what make this event truly special. The Shreder’s pretty much know everyone by name, you are more than a bib number here.  Many participants come back time after time and the camaraderie among those tough (or crazy) enough to subject themselves to this punishment repeatedly is unique. Post race gatherings at the pavilion and around the bonfires provide an opportunity to share stories and laugh about slips and near misses.  Bikes N Beers provided the well deserved and free after race libations, including our high gravity brew Big Dumb Blond. Feed My Sheep Ministries provided tasty food like barbecue and hot dogs. Proceeds from food sales went to the charity. Here is the video from the fall SEAL Extreme Challenge…


Devil Dogs running amuck in Knoxville

Bikes N Beers participated, once again, in one of our favorite races of the year, the Marine Mud Run.  This race is put on by the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Marine Corps League, detachment No. 924 in Knoxville, TN.  They put on a fabulous race.

The race consists roughly of 3 miles of off-road running, which entails some obstacles, hills, and of course, mud pits. This off road 5K adventure takes you across scenic trails and fields, obstacles, and ends with a splash through refreshing water after crawling through several mud pits. The race is open to both individuals and teams.  You do not have to be in perfect shape to come and run this one.  There is lots of fun to be had for all ages and fitness levels.

The fun alone is enough reason to attend this race but even better this race is a charity event and all proceeds go to Toys for Tots.  Bikes N Beers will be back again next year…for sure   Enjoy the video.

You Want Some BITCH?!

The Geezer Brewery Brew Crew

After donning our mustaches and kilts, Geezers Brewery made our world debut at the 16th Annual Knoxville Brewers’ Jam on Saturday, October 6, 2012. For those of you not in the know, Geezers Brewery is what Bikes N Beers calls our home brewing operation. We have plans to sell this awesome sauce in the future.  We Geezers offered three different brews for tasting throughout the day starting off with Bitch Puddin’ (no “g”) and Kassassinator and later offering Big Dumb Blond.  All the brews were well received but the Bitch Puddin’ milk stout was the star of the show…”BLAM”! Everybody wanted a taste and at times the line at the booth was 30 people deep. The wait was tolerated with Throttle leading the wave and engaging the crowd. Of course, the popularity of the booth could have also been due to Crash and Penny, our “Brewers Jam” sweeeeet addition to this years brew crew.  Who wouldn’t want to get some awesome sauce from two miniskirt wearing beauties?  Actually the guys had on skirts too….ahem, rather kilts.  Notorious won best legs and was runner up for best use of Spanish moss.

Teamwork at its best!

Before the day was over we would serve almost 90 gallons of beer.  That means Notorious changed out and quality tasted 18 kegs through out the day. We would be asked repeatedly where we were located…which was always answered “the basement” and where our brew could be bought which was answered “nowhere, yet”. Folks seemed to not believe that we were home brewers and this was our first shot out in the market place.  Many attendees said our Puddin’ was one of their favorites from the day and even more came back for second, third and fourth helpings. We were approached by local restaurants and markets wanting to put our Puddin’ on tap but alas we had to say not yet…

After the Jam…felling a little loopy

Even though this was our first time serving at this event and the crew was a little on edge, we all stayed true to our habits; Notorious had our brew crew arrive super early (4 hours before the gates opened) Throttle was running like a mad man generating excitement in the crowd, WeeMan showed up with waaayyy too much stuff and Crash crashed when the cold set in. But all-in-all it was an epic day for Geezers Brewery, more than we could have hoped for.

The festival benefitted Community Shares of Tennessee, and was held on the World’s Fair Park South Performance Lawn. Attendees were provided unlimited samples from craft brewers pouring fresh beers of every taste, color, strength, and style.  More than 50 booths were set up but only one had the Geezer Style and excitement.  Enjoy this years video.

The Few, The Proud, The Muddy…

Ready for the hose…

Ladies, what can be better than a man in a uniform?  A man in a muddy uniform!  On September 22, 2012 the BNB gang will be dismounting their bikes and getting down and dirty for the Marine Mud Run 2012.  The Mud Run was one of our first events and we have made an appearance for the last 3 years.  The event is put on by the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Marine Corps League Detachment No. 924 and is a fund raiser event for the Toys for Tots.

This course consists roughly of 3 miles of off-road running, which includes some obstacles, hills, and of course, mud pits. It is recommended that you wear old clothing and shoes.  The course at Melton Hill Park takes you through fields and obstacles and ends with a splash through refreshing water and a mud pit (of course!). Historically, the course has been challenging but not too strenuous which leads us to recommend this event for the whole family.  Bring out your crew and let’s get dirty! Click here to register.

Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Snail…Catch a Dragon by the Tail

Why would a community with a listed population of 6 have any notoriety?  When it is home of an internationally famous destination for driving enthusiasts, such is the case with Deals Gap.  Deals Gap is located along a stretch of two-lane road that has been known as “The Dragon” since 1981. The name is given to the 11-mile stretch because it is said to have 318 curves, resembling the tail of a dragon. Some of the Dragon’s curves have names like Copperhead Corner, Hog Pen Bend, Wheelie Hell, Shade Tree Corner, Mud Corner, Sunset Corner, Gravity Cavity, Beginner’s End, and Brake or Bust Bend.  The speed limit on the Dragon was 55 mph prior to 1992; it was reduced to 30 mph in 2005.


Jared Barnes

Riders and drivers from around the world come to test their riding skills on the Dragon.  Most of the time there is very little traffic and the vehicles that use this road are primarily motorcycle riders and sports car drivers looking for the thrill of their lives. Each year the number of motorcycles and sports cars testing their meddle has increased. In 2011 more than 1200 vehicles traveled the road per day.  Unfortunately Dragon enthusiasts sometimes let their audacity exceed their capacity and more than 30 people have died on this stretch since 1995.

Bikes N Beers was commissioned to produce a video for one very skilled Dragon rider, Jared Barnes.  Jared is a competitive street bike racer sponsored by US129 Photos and he rides the Dragon on an almost daily basis.  Now we aren’t sure, but could guess that he may be pushing the speed limit a little here…Because he is the most skilled rider on the dragon, Jared is referred to as the Dragon Slayer.  Below is the BnB Dragon Slayer video.  We hope you enjoy and remember kiddies, don’t try this on your own.

Why did she toss the damn thing in the ocean????

You may have noticed the posts to the blog have been fewer than normal lately.  Bikesnbeers is in the middle of putting together a video for AMBC in support of New Belgium’s video contest called Clips of Faith.   This video will highlight local bike dealers, places to wet your whistle , some of Dirty South single track and some of the riders you may see on the trails.  In the mean time we took a moment to recreate a tragic moment in history, a great movie, and place to stop on the way to Gatlinburg.  Enjoy our high priced blockbuster recreation of the Titanic!