SEAL Extreme Challenge 2013

544473_485061084893641_927427415_nOnce again we participated in our favorite event of the year, the SEAL Extreme Challenge.  The maniacal architect of this race is Dan Schreder, owner of Outdoors in the Smokies and in his own words “The SEAL Extreme Challenge is the most physically demanding 5k’ish race in the Southeast! Mountains, Creeks, Ponds, Obstacles, More!!! This is a race destination… we can’t bring Mother Nature’s challenges and beauty to a park or farm near you!”.  To be sure he’s not kidding.

No matter your current fitness level the SEAL Extreme Challenge will test you.  With over 2000′ of elevation changes, water features and obstacles, this race is as tough as they come.  Limited to 200 racers the field fills up quick, and is composed of extreme obstacle racers from all over the southeastern US.  The race is also developing a loyal following and we see the same great folks year after year.


Everyone standing in line to get some Big Dumb Blond

Bikes n Beers is a proud sponsor of the SEAL Extreme Challenge and of course brought a sampling of our Geezer Brew.  For the Friday night festivities we debuted our newest creation, an IPA called Panty Dropper, and with 72 IBU’s (International Bitterness Units), it sure to make those taste buds hop.  For Saturdays after race refreshment we hauled our our long time favorite, Big Dumb Blond.  It was either really good or this batch of obstacle racers are big drinkers because we ran through 20 gallons in 1.5 hours.  And finally for the few that hung out later Saturday evening we hauled out our American Pale Ale called Pale Bastard, we may have drank most of that one.

The new Bikes n Beers / Geezer Brewery Rig

The new Bikes n Beers / Geezer Brewery Rig

We also debuted our newest acquisition for our Brewery in planning, Geezers Brewery.  Our M35A3 (Deuce and a Half) seemed to be a big hit and with the kickin sound system we lit up the Smoky Mountains that day.



As always we brought an army of cameras to catch all the agony, oops, I mean fun, and we also debut a few new toys in that arena including a couple of cable camera, and a quad copter aerial platform, o hell, your tired of listening to me, just enjoy the video: