The AMBC Sponsored Mega Workday at Meads Quarry Trail System was a Huge Success

AMBC had an incredible community response to the MEGA WORKDAY which

The Loppers...part of the trail digging crew.

happened on Dec 17th and Bikes N Beers was there. The work day centered on Knoxville’s newest trail network.  Specifically work was focused on the Meads Quarry Trail System which is one of four areas that make up the Dirty South Trails

Special thanks to the organizational skills of AMBC for being able to pull off such an


event.  Also the home made chili was awesome.  Those who showed up also got a $25

Becoming one with the new bridge

gift certificate to River Sports.  We are looking forward to the next AMBC Mega Workday.  Please come out and join Bikes N Beers in support of this noble effort.  We just might make you famous…enjoy the video. 

Check out some of the finished bridges…seemed like a good opportunity to do some planking.  You can see all the bridges on “Turnbuckle” in the attached video.  Turnbuckle is just one of the great trails that makes up The Dirty South.  If you have not ridden this one yet you need to get out and get after it.

More planking!

When you do ride these trails we suggest that you don’t go following a rain.  These trails are extra slippery when wet!